Here are uploaded final versions of podcasts made during TC “Remote Youth Voices”.

01/ YoUthIFicAtioN

Created by Mary Galstyan and Lianna Manukyan.
High school students from Gymnasium of Karlovci are giving short talks on their goals,aspirations, obstacles that they might face while achieving their goals and solutions they offer.
Podcast is prepared in the scope of “Remote Youth Voice” Training Cuurse conducted by Elektrana NGO.

02/ Loud

Created by Aris Miriskos, Elena Bakatselou, Kostas Athanasiadis and Ana R. Bongarzone
Interested in new podcast productions? Here you will find everyting about them… Click and listen loud!

03/ Ugriz Stvarnosti

Created by: Fani Vrhovac, Lovorka Babic and Ivan Kantardziski

This is a shout podcast about a unemployed young girl called Renata which is seeking advice from professionals around her but is still at a dead end with her future as an adult. It represents a portrait of what young people hear from their surroundings as they are constantly misunderstood.

04/ Wake Up

Created by: Marijana Krsmanovic, Marija Sjekloca and Milena Tomovic

05/ Radio Corruption

Created by: Anahit Galstyan, Tin Oman and Hrvoje Matus

We are the most corrupted radio in this area, and we have chosen these guests to show our listeners the best way to earn money. And this interview is based on a true story.
Don’t really try this at home.

06/ Radio Motel

Created by: Marisa Ferreira, Giuliana Scillia and Luca Cino

07/ Wine Line FM

Created by: Matea Majstorovic and Anne Köster
Wine Line FM is a Croatian-German Radio colectiv producing podcasts about wine.
Wine Time is a weekly show where wine regions and different sorts of wine from all around the world are presented.
This podcast is about Bermet – a special wine produced in Sremski Karlovci in Serbia.

08/ Vera

Created by: Ana Pedrosa and Helena Borges

09/ Coffin Nail

Created by: Bursa Isci, Emel Menek and Bülent Erol

10/ Mad Flow

Created by: Florian Suermann and Markus Plitzko

11/ RYV

Created by: Marija VidojkovićFilip Nikolovski and Mariana Angelova